My Christmas Poem 2014


     I am sharing my Christmas poem with all of you this year. I started writing an annual Christmas poem in 1997. I wanted to amuse my friends and family while updating them of the year’s events.

     If you have not received one of my Christmas poems before, let me explain a bit about it. The first stanza of the poem deals with world events. Then it’s all about me. My brother and his family follows. My parents’ adventures are next. Then I wrap it up with happy seasonal thoughts.

     Wishing you and your families a very Merry Christmas!


Violence dominated the headlines during every month of this year,
Pausing only slightly during the buzz surrounding Kim Kardashian’s rear.
The Ebola epidemic in Africa continues to create a worldwide stir.
And panic ensued when, in the United States, the disease did occur.
Now bumped from the headlines, it was replaced with a CIA scandal
And the avalanche of cases that Bill Cosby’s lawyers need to handle.

I have been busy writing in all of my spare time,
Mostly novel ideas and an occasional clever rhyme.
Daily, I read through a barrage of e-mails hoping to find
A man who intrigues me, who appears intelligent and kind.
Ultimately, I resort to eeny, meeny, miny, moe,
Could this lucky bachelor be my perfect new beau?
I have prayed to God and even asked Santa for Mr. Right.
Alas, it has not happened. Thus continues my search and plight!

Timmy and Martha moved to the country and have a beautiful view.
Beyond the trees, there’s a boat to paddle around the pond of blue.
Sasha’s daughters, Sophie and Carmen, get bigger every day.
Haily’s first year in college has kept her busy and away.
Devin has his permit and will have his driver’s license soon.
Mychaela has decorated her bedroom to her own happy tune.

The Black Friday deals for flat screens beckoned to Dad.
He yearned to replace the old heavy tv in the bedroom they had.
Mom shook her head. “It’s not something we need.”
So he snuck out alone and discretely committed the deed.
Having a mind of its own, the old tv crashed on the stairs and Dad’s knee.
At that tipping point, it was too late to recover and just let it be.
And so, in a million pieces, it did tumble, crumble and crack.
Apparently, Mom swore while chasing after Dad with a hand-held vac.

May your Christmas be white, once you arrive at your destination.
And may the joy of the season fill your hearts without trepidation.
Be generous and kind to all of the people you meet.
Remember your nice word or smile might make their day complete.
Whether this poem finds you far from home or quite near,
I wish you and your family a Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year!

Copyright © 2014 by Suzanne Purewal


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