Fantasy and Sci-Fi Author, Hans Cummings

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Hans will be signing and selling his books at the 66th Annual Christmas Gift & Hobby Show, at the Indiana State Fairgrounds, West Pavilion, on Saturday, November 14th, from from 10:00 A.M. – 9:00 P.M. and Sunday, November 15th, from 10:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M., in the Local Authors’ Booth #303.

Hans Cummings is the author of the Fantasy series: The Foundation of Drak-Anor and Scars of the Sundering, as well as the Zack Jackson science fiction series.

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Hans Cummings is Nuvo’s Best of Indy — Best Local Author 3rd place Honoree for 2014, and Nominee for 2015. Two of his short stories appear in Fear the Boot’s Sojourn speculative fiction anthologies.


Hans also is a volunteer for the tabletop gaming industry ENnie Awards and maintains a gaming blog In addition, he pens a writing blog

Hans earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Indiana University in 2006.
He grew up in Indiana, Germany, and Virginia and returned to Indiana when he was 21. He currently lives in Indianapolis with his wife.

His hobbies include tabletop and computer gaming, smoking meat, and igniting young people’s curiosity and passion for science and exploration.

Jillian Jacobs Will Keep You On the Edge of Your Seat

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Jillian will be signing and selling her books at the 66th Annual Christmas Gift & Hobby Show, at the Indiana State Fairgrounds, West Pavilion, on Friday, November 13th, from 10:00 A.M. – 3:30 P.M. and Sunday, November 15th, from 10:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M., in the Local Authors’ Booth #303.

Jillian Jacobs is a: Tea Guzzler, Polish Pottery Hoarder, and lover of all things Moose.

The genres she writes under are: Paranormal and Contemporary with suspenseful elements.

On October 10th, she released Rachel’s Guard, the second book in her O-line Series.

The O-line Series, Book: 2 Rachel’s Guard
One hidden secret. One tragic mistake. Two lives converge to discover one final truth.

“I killed you.”

With his grandmother’s words, pro-football player Warren “Bronco” Murray’s picture-perfect world takes a direct hit. After mistaking him for a man from her past, Bronco believes his grandmother’s confused confession reveals the man who raised him isn’t his real father. Is his grandmother’s mind slipping? Or is she harboring a deadly secret?

Searching for an answer to a question he’s not even sure exists, Bronco hires Rachel Harris, a local private investigator and a woman who brings out his protective—and primal—instincts.

Rachel’s spent her life seeking her own resolution for a tragic mistake made years ago. Unwilling to suffer through another loss, she vows to keep her relationship with Bronco strictly professional. Yet with each step into Bronco’s past, she finds that the players shaping her life also shaped his.

Working together to uncover the facts, they falter when the game turns deadly. Nothing is as it seems and they must fight to unearth the truth buried under past deceptions and lies.
Bronco and Rachel survive personal attacks and shocking revelations only to discover that the answers they sought have created a new path…but will they endure the journey together or falter under the truth?


The Elementals Series, Book: 1 Water’s Threshold
What happens when a lonely water-girl finally finds her shore?

In a tourist town at the base of the Tetons, Maya Conway, a mythical being known as an Elemental, stands at a crossroads. On her current path, she is content using her life force—water—to protect humans and the environment. Her direction is altered when Mother Nature taps her to guide Terran Forrester, an analytical scientist, on his journey to become the next Elemental—Earth. If Maya crosses into his world, will her lonely heart find a partner or will his rational mind reject her otherworldly existence? When an ancient evil evolved from dark matter shadows their steps, which path will they choose—logic or love?

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The Elementals Series, Book: 2 Fire’s Field
Bound by a dark enchantment, only an elemental flame can light the way.

Forged in rage and sorrow, a dark witch’s spell travels down her ancestral line to Violet Levina. Enchanted with the power of the entire Electromagnetic spectrum—microwaves, gamma rays, radio waves, Violet is cursed with limitless energy and the obligation to destroy an insidious creature composed of dark matter.

For over five hundred years, Flint has served as Fire, aiding Earth’s environment and its people as one of four Elementals. Yet only once in his long existence has he been burned. A flaming redhead ignites the embers of his heart, but he finds her resistant to the heat building between them.

Knowing she must fulfill her destiny, Violet travels to her home in Ireland, accompanied by the fiery Elemental. Not fooled by his charms and brazen demeanor, Violet wishes only to shield him from the coming battle, but can’t deny the flames of desire flickering when she is at his side.

While standing together against unrelenting adversaries, false friends, family betrayals, and an underlying seed of darkness, they must burn bright, or the ruthless power behind the ancient spell will turn everything to ash.

With Flint as her beacon in a field of darkness, Violet will discover that love holds the most powerful magic of all.

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The O-line Series, Book: 1 Ember’s Center
She spent her life fighting for middle ground, and now that she’s found it, she’ll fight for her life.

Ember Brooks yearns for an end to the dark chapters of her life—abusive mother, negligent father, teenage trauma, and sibling suicide. Determined to escape her traumatic past, Ember is finally headed for solid ground, gathering strength and balance with the help of her trusted counselor and friend, Xander Kane.

Still reeling from the death of her brother, Ember finds solace when Manchester Marauders center, Owen Killion goes on the offensive and barrels into her life. Both on the football field and off, Owen is sure-footed and confident. With his domineering presence and reliable nature, he alters her game-plan. But for a girl continually left on the sidelines, can she leave her heart on the line?

When Ember is the victim of increasingly dangerous incidents, and Xander changes the course of their relationship, once more her life spirals out of control.

Ember trusts Owen to guard their love, but when someone else is calling the shots, can they reach the end zone or will they fumble?

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Kurt A. Meyer—Capturing The Changing Cultural Landscape of Small Town Life

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Kurt will be signing and selling his books at the 66th Annual Christmas Gift & Hobby Show, at the Indiana State Fairgrounds, West Pavilion, on Sunday, November 15th, from 10:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M., in the Local Authors’ Booth #303.

Kurt Meyer’s writing, whether as newspaper columnist, novelist or blogger, chronicles and explores the changing cultural landscape of Midwestern small town life. He’s worked as a realtor specializing in marketing historic properties, has restored multiple Victorian-era homes and co-founded the annual literary journal, Polk Street Review.


His first novel, Noblesville, was published by River’s Edge Media in 2014. His second novel, The Salvage Man, was published this year. Both are set in Indiana.

You can keep up with Kurt at

Or check out his blog: The Hoosier Contrarian Blog:

Debra Knapp – Muscle Re-Education Specialist


Debra will be signing and selling her books at the 66th Annual Christmas Gift & Hobby Show, at the Indiana State Fairgrounds, West Pavilion, on Friday, November 13th, from 3:30 P.M. – 9:00 P.M., in the Local Authors’ Booth #303.

Debra Knapp, a native of Cicero, Indiana, grew up on a farm with a love for writing, teaching and a fascination of muscular anatomy. Debra attended Anderson College, majoring in Education and Physical Education. She has been a teacher, coach and personal trainer for over thirty-eight years.


Deb’s love of muscular anatomy was applied firsthand as she trained and rose to the top of the bodybuilding circuit, winning the Ms. USA Masters Bodybuilding title in 1998 at the age of 43. She competed as a member of the USA Olympic Bodybuilding team in 2001. She has been certified by the American Council on Exercise, the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America, and Egoscue University.

In addition to her training expertise, Debra utilizes her gift as an Egoscue Posture, Alignment and Pain Management Specialist. She has authored articles on health, wellness and nutrition for various publications. She has given numerous presentations at coaches and leadership conferences. Her love of teaching is most evident as a mentor for individuals of all ages, for those of all functional levels and in collaboration with healthcare professionals. Currently, Debra is a consultant, trainer and Clinical Education Director for the Indiana Parkinson Foundation.

To learn more about Debra or how she can help you, check out her website or send her an email.

Debra Knapp
CPT, ACE, AFAA, Certified Egoscue Posture Alignment & Pain Management Specialist
Master Trainer & Muscle Re-Education Specialist
Clinical Education Director for the Indiana Parkinson Foundation
Health, wellness, pain management, exercise therapy

Roxy Morgan Delights Children With Colorful Characters

Roxy will be signing and selling her books at the 66th Annual Christmas Gift & Hobby Show, at the Indiana State Fairgrounds, West Pavilion, on Friday, November 13th, from 10:00 A.M. – 3:30 P.M., in the Local Authors’ Booth #303.

Roxy Morgan’s children’s books are enjoyed by children and adults of all ages.


The Adventures of Mr. Blue Fish – A new book about friendship and adventure, Mr. Blue Fish comes to the rescue of his friend, Melvin the Moose.


The Lobster Klobster Family Adventures at the Farm – While playing on the beach, Lucy Lobster Klobster discovers a treasure leading the entire family on an exciting adventure.


George – A snowman brings delight to children. George isn’t just any snowman… he is special, he is real. He is alive and has feelings just like you and me. In this story, learn along with George that helping others brings purpose to life. Using pen and paper, popular children’s author Roxy Morgan, has built a snowman that will captivate your heart, as only a snowman can do.

Roxy Morgan received a Masters Degree in Elementary Education from Butler University and taught in the Carmel, Indiana school system.

Together with her husband, Chuck, she helped start the family business as they raised their three children. Roxy’s children are grown and married. They have blessed her and her husband with eight wonderful grandchildren, who have become an inspiration to her.

After a career of encouraging and motivating elementary students in a classroom environment, Roxy now uses pen and paper to bring to life stories for children stressing the values of family and friendship.

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Check out these and other children’s stories Roxy has written on her website:

Spotlight on Contemporary Romance Author, A.D. Ellis


A.D. will be signing and selling her books at the 66th Annual Christmas Gift & Hobby Show, at the Indiana State Fairgrounds, West Pavilion, on Saturday, November 14th, from 10:00 A.M. – 3:30 P.M., in the Local Authors’ Booth #303.

A.D. Ellis is the award-winning author of two related collections of stories, A Torey Hope Novel Series and Torey Hope: The Later Years. Her debut novel, For Nicky, was voted #3 of the Top 50 Indie Books of 2014 by readers/voters.

Christmas in Torey Hope UPDATE ebook coverDeckereBook1SawyereBook1

A.D.’s fourth novel, Loving Josie, was awarded the bronze medal in the contemporary romance category in the prestigious Readers’ Favorite 2015 International Book Awards.


Born and raised in a small farming town in southern Indiana, A.D. was an avid reader from the time she learned to read. She could often be found curled up somewhere with her nose in a book. Most of her friends and family were not such book enthusiasts, so A.D. got used to dealing with snickers and joking comments about her constant reading habits. Truth be told, Ms. Ellis has always been the definition of a book nerd.


A.D. always dreamed of being a teacher. Graduating from Indiana State University in 1999 and earning a Master’s Degree from Indiana Wesleyan in 2003, she met her goal of entering the world of education. A.D. has been teaching in the inner city of Indianapolis, Indiana for 17 years. She spent the majority of her 17 years in fourth grade, but has now taken on the challenges of teaching 3rd and 4th grade alternative education students. A.D. loves teaching fractions, variables, probability, and graphing in Math. She loves almost all aspects of English Language Arts. Figurative language, theme, making predictions, drawing conclusions, inference, context clues, making writing come to life, A.D. loves it all! Her students don’t always share in that enthusiasm.

She met her husband in college in 1996, and they married in June of 2000. She lives in a south side suburb of Indianapolis, Indiana with her husband and two school-aged children. When she’s not reading or writing with music blaring, she can be found shopping at thrift stores, reading to her children, and sweating at the gym in the very early mornings.
A.D. began her writing journey in October 2013, and she is grateful for the friends and support she’s found along the way.

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If you are receiving an ARC/winner’s copy from A.D. Ellis, upon acceptance of the ARC/winner’s copy, you are not permitted to and under NO condition will you sell, trade, copy, cause to copy, pirate, or cause to pirate, scan, or otherwise replicate or cause to replicate any portion of this title.

Terry Hutchens, An IU Sportswriter For the Ages

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Terry will be signing and selling his books at the 66th Annual Christmas Gift & Hobby Show, at the Indiana State Fairgrounds, West Pavilion, on Thursday, November 12th, from 3:00 P.M. – 8:00 P.M., Saturday, November 14th, from 3:30 P.M. – 9:00 P.M., and Sunday, November 15th from 10:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M., in the Local Authors’ Booth #303.

Terry Hutchens knows Indiana University Basketball. He is beginning his 18th season covering the Hoosiers, the first 15 of which were with the Indianapolis Star. He currently is the content manager for Btownbanners, a free fan site at

Five times, Terry has been honored as Indiana’s Sportswriter of the Year by the National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Association. He also teaches a sports journalism course every semester at Indiana University in Bloomington.

Along with his IU basketball trivia book that is out this fall, Terry has also co-authored with Tom Brew on his seventh title, The Missing Banners, that will be released in October of 2015. This is a book that looks at all of the years that Indiana basketball came close but did not win a national championship.


Terry’s sixth book, and fifth on IU sports topics, Hoosiers Through and Through, published in 2014, took a look at the best IU basketball players of all time who hailed from the state of Indiana. Rising from the Ashes, published in 2012, looked back at the resurgence of IU basketball brought along by Cody Zeller, Victor Oladipo, Christian Watford, Jordan Hulls and company.

Rising from the Ashes Book Cover

In 2007, his book, Hep Remembered, looked back at IU football coach Terry Hoeppner, who died from the effects of brain cancer while still the IU coach. Two years later, he wrote a book with coach Hep’s widow, Jane Hoeppner, that was a Christian/inspirational book titled, Never Ever Quit.

Hep Remembered Book Cover

His first book, in 1995, was about the Indianapolis Colts called, Let ‘er Rip. In 2013, he also wrote the updated second edition of the Indiana University Basketball Encyclopedia, originally written in 2004 by Jason Hiner.

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Terry and his wife Susan have been married 29 years and live in Indianapolis. They have two grown sons, Bryan and Kevin.

Other Books that Terry will have on sale at the Gift and Hobby Show include:
*** Hoosiers Through and Through
*** Rising From the Ashes
*** Hep Remembered
*** The Missing Banners (this will be released in October of 2015)