Not So Helpful Dating Advice


     Hello, friends! As my quest for a boyfriend continues through my “Mis-Matched to Miss Matched” series, many of you have offered well-intentioned advice. I appreciate that you all care enough to make suggestions. However, I believe some of the suggestions are slightly off the mark.
     The most common advice I have received is:

Go to church.

     Okay, let’s try to work out some strategies for trolling for a man at church. I am sure the nuns would disapprove. But Pope Francis seems pretty progressive. So what the hell, why not?

     Plan A: Be a greeter.
     I could check out the men entering alone or with children in tow. After checking their fingers for wedding rings, I would observe how well-behaved their children were or were not. Guys with screaming banshees would be eliminated immediately. Then I could transform into an usher for the remaining bachelors and escort them to nice, hard, wooden pews, chatting them up the entire time.

     Plan B: Hijack the lector.
     The lector in most churches also reads the weekly announcements. I would snatch the list and race to the lectern for an eagle eye view of the congregation. I would insert my plight of trying to find a guy who is husband material in between announcing the second collection for our sister parish in (insert name of Third World Country here) and reminding everyone to come out and enjoy Bingo night. Interested parties should see me in the Narthex after Mass.

     Plan C: Determine how Catholic these men really are.
     During Mass, I could position myself on the end of a pew that has a good line of sight to most of the church. I would see who knows the words to the prayers without having to look at the Missalette and who at least attempts to sings the songs. Failure in either category jettisons them from consideration.

     Plan D: Be the guest homilist.
     Perhaps the real guest speaker accidentally locks himself/herself in the bride’s room or the crying room, allowing me to speak instead. My topic would be about finding your one true love, making it clear that I am one of those people still looking. Any man who nods off would be scratched off the list. Again, interested parties should check me out in the Narthex after Mass.

     Plan E: Locate Mr. Moneybags.
     I could volunteer to pass the basket around at Offertory (a.k.a. The Presentation of the Gifts.) I could sort through the envelopes looking at donation amounts. And lucky me, I have extra time because of that special second collection for our sister parish. The largest donor wins!

     Plan F: Glad-hand.
     I would scope out the best candidates based on Plans A through E. At the Sign of Peace, I would dart around the church and shake those guys’ hands, hoping for a spark when our eyes meet. Wimpy handshakes, clammy handshakes and God-forbid, sticky handshakes would be deemed unacceptable.

     Plan G: Check out their jeans.
     During Communion, I could check out their rear ends as they file up to the priest to receive the holy sacrament. Once I selected the men with the nicest derrieres, after Mass, I would hand them a bulletin with my name and phone number on it.

     All perfect plans, right?
     Sorry gentle readers, but trolling for a boyfriend during a Catholic Mass is not feasible, not to mention, it’s just wrong! And I would probably have to go to Confession because of it. Imagine how that would go.
     “Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. It’s been thirty-two years since my last confession.”
     Hey, don’t judge me. The only thing I ever had to confess was arguing with my brother. I was a goody two-shoes. Ask anybody who knows me. My penance was always one Our Father, three Hail Marys and a Glory Be.
     If I had to confess to a priest today, I would confess to occasionally swearing and killing off characters in my books who may or may not represent people in real life who have pissed me off.
     I think God understands why I do both.

Copyright © 2016 by Suzanne Purewal

16 thoughts on “Not So Helpful Dating Advice

  1. Suzanne,

    Another great read! I have received that advice too, but I love the way you put it into perspective. Well done.


  2. Suzanne, I love reading your dating blog. I also go to the Christmas Gift and Hobby show in Indy every year. That is how I met you and started on your books. I also have a brother that’s available.
    I don’t know what age group you are interested in, but he has a lot of the qualities your looking for.
    Just an FYI.

  3. Hi! Random story, hopefully short: I found my way here via the magic of social media. I’m a Delphi engineer, lapsed Catholic (because, well, divorce), moonlight as an author, and live in Noblesville. I guess that seemed like enough for some search engine somewhere (I forget which one, to be honest) to pop you up on a sidebar. I clicked because, well, how many former automotive industry authors on the north side of Indy are there? Anyway, I enjoyed this article and poking around on here. So, I thought I would give you a solid “keep on keepin’ on” fist raise from across this bigsmall room called the Internet. Fun fact: “Narthex” is actually my favorite Catholic word. Where else do you hear it? Plus, it seems like they say it on repeat. I’m convinced the Narthex is actually the nexus of the Catholic-ness in the church. Sort of like a ley line or magical black hole, or something.

    • Lol! Hi there! Glad you found me. I could start singing, “It’s a Small World.” But you wouldn’t hear me, and then it would be stuck in my head for the rest of the evening. And then I would curse you for putting that song in my head.

      I know, the Narthex could be otherworldly! 😉 I don’t know if anyone else uses that word. Never thought about it until now. Interesting. If any non-Catholics want to weigh in, feel free to comment on the Narthex.

      Thanks for reaching out. Are you part of one of the writing groups here? Email me if you want more information on them. 🙂

  4. Damn, your story makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time. Almost, and I do mean almost, makes me wish I didn’t have a very married derriere. And had more cash. Well, I still wish I had more cash. You are such an enjoyable, beautiful blogger.

    “Bless me Father, for I have sinned. It’s been a long time since my last confession, and since that time I’ve lived hanging between a nearly constant fear of committing adultery in my thoughts, and the actual thought-crimes… So, whaddayagot, Father?”

    Best wishes,


    • “My son, you need to cleanse your mind and heart of these thoughts. Cast them out this minute! Remember why you fell in love in the first place. Work toward regaining that feeling again. Marriage is a blessed sacrament. God did not say it would be easy. It is hard work. You must both put forth great effort. Always think before you speak and before you act. In your heart, you know what is right.”

      Pause for reflection.

      “As your penance, say five full rosaries and an Act of Contrition.”

      • Now I’m all confused. You’re hot, Father, wth?!? I guess that means double penance. Sorry for speaking before I thought that through. Or not. Whatever. “Five full rosaries and an act of contrition!” There, I said it, am I absolved?

  5. my suggestion would be go shopping in a store that sells tools or a store like Lowe’s and the reason is, most of the men that go to those places have a profession or trade and is not afraid of work, and probably has a job. and you could strike up a conversation with one asking them about advice on whatever they are looking at would be your problem as well, and you could mention something about his wife, and if he is single he will tell you and you can take it from there,

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