“Mis-Matched to Miss Matched” News!

Spring Greetings! I know some of you have been wondering if I fell of the face of the earth. Nope! I’m still here. I have been busy writing.

After four long, hard, grueling years, I am pleased to announce that I have finished chronicling my online dating saga, “Mis-Matched to Miss Matched.”

The manuscript is in the process of being edited. My favorite graphic artist is working on concepts for the cover. As soon as I select a cover, I will post it here.

The book contains expanded content to some of the stories I have already posted on this blog. And there are many new chapters for you to enjoy.

The big question is, “Did I find my true love via online dating?”

Well, my faithful readers, you will have to buy the book to find out! Stay tuned!

8 thoughts on ““Mis-Matched to Miss Matched” News!

  1. Just finished reading your Mis-Matched to Miss Matched and Finally! An Unexpected Love Story. LOVED them both! I laughed so much through both of them my daughter was beginning to wonder about me. I told her that this is EXACTLY why I have not even considered dating after my divorce of almost 8 years. I can’t even imagine trying and reading about it was enough to further convince me. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your adventured and am so happy that you found your soul mate. Best of wishes to your future life together and look forward to the Shop Till You Drop event next year to see what new books you have to add to my collection. I might have to check out Lynn’s books now. Thanks for a fun day of reading!

    • It was my pleasure, Peggy! I’m so happy you enjoyed them. Sorry I scared you off from online dating though. Not everyone has experiences like I had. Looking forward to seeing you next year! If you have a chance, I’d appreciate it if you could write a review on Amazon. Thank you again for purchasing my books!

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