People, It’s Cold Outside!


When I woke up this morning, my cell phone told me it was -13°F. The wind chill was -44°F. My mind instructed me to stay in bed. However, my bladder had a different agenda.

Now that I was wide awake, I might as well start my day. I jumped into a nice, hot shower. I sudsed up my hair with shampoo, and the lights flickered. Not once, but four times.

Please God, don’t let me lose power. Please, please, please. I’ll freeze to death. Please.

Then the power went out.


In the dark, I frantically rinsed out the shampoo as I began a Rosary.

I’m freezing this time of year under normal cold weather circumstances. But today, I had wet hair! I could hear my mother and grandmother lecturing, “You can’t go out with wet hair. You’ll catch pneumonia and die.”

Today is not the day to catch pneumonia and die. I have things to do!

I called upon the Virgin Mary, Jesus, God, and all of the angels and saints. Basically, anyone who was listening. Please let the power come back on. I need to be able to dry my hair. I’m going to freeze. And my pipes are going to freeze. Please don’t let my pipes freeze. I don’t have the money to fix them. Please let the power come back on!

As I completed my first decade of the Rosary, my prayers were answered. The power came back on! I then thanked all of the aforementioned higher powers. I didn’t know which one to specifically thank and felt I must cover all the bases.

As I dried my hair, on hot and high blower settings, my high school days popped into my head. I remembered how I layered up in the winter.

My high school had old-fashioned steam radiators positioned underneath the windows. Since my last name ended in “C,” my desk was usually in the first or second row, against the wall, the farthest point away from the radiators. The girls whose names ended with letters at the end of the alphabet sat on top of the radiators.

me and my guitarOn a typical winter day, I wore a turtleneck, polo shirt, pullover sweater, long underwear, pants, and two pairs of socks. I’m guessing the girls near the radiators required less layers.

Here’s a blurry yearbook picture from the 1980s that shows the upper layers. Even playing the guitar didn’t warm me up enough!

I’m just hoping the power stays on because I don’t own any long underwear anymore. But if this frigid weather sticks around, I might have to invest in some!

That’s enough of memory lane today. As I previously mentioned, I have things to do!

So, please stay safe today and tomorrow. Stay inside if you can. Curl up with a good paperback or eBook, preferably, one of mine! If you must go out, make sure you have an emergency kit in your car, including a blanket and hand warmers, and layer up! Better safe than sorry!

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