About Me

I grew up in Webster, NY and graduated from Our Lady of Mercy High School, Rochester, NY. Although music and writing were my passions, they were considered to be “hobbies.” And I was encouraged to pursue a more solid career and get a “real” job. So, I attended GMI Engineering & Management Institute, Flint, MI, to pursue a career with General Motors. After obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree, I earned a Master of Science degree from Kettering University. I worked for General Motors and Delphi for a combined twenty-two years.

I began playing the guitar at the age of eight. Writing poetry was a natural fit, and I composed several songs and poems while in grammar school. During my high school years, I continued composing poetry and dabbled with short stories. My college years proved especially prolific. I was a contributor and the editor for my school’s underground paper. After a short time, I assumed the role of Editor in Chief for the school’s official student paper.

Aside from my annual Christmas poems and a few other whimsical pieces over the past two decades, I did not write very much. However, I did entertain coworkers with descriptive stories. They encouraged me to write a book. I did not seriously consider it, until I was diagnosed with cancer. During my battle against the disease, I started writing again.

Published Works

My first romantic suspense novel, Embracing Destiny, was released in November 2010. Although I wrote it as a stand-alone book, the feedback from readers compelled me to write a sequel, Challenging Destiny. The characters’ journeys are wrapped up in the third and final novel of that series, Manifesting Destiny.

Mis-Matched to Miss Matched humorously chronicles my bizarre online dating woes. If you enjoyed my blog series with the same name, then you’ll love the book. My other humorous book, Finally! An Unexpected Love Story, is a “He Said/She Said” book that I co-wrote with fellow author, L. E. Hewitt.

My poetry book, From 14 to 41, contains works that I wrote between the ages of fourteen and forty-one. The collection is a mixture of love, loss, whimsical, and inspirational pieces. There is something for everyone.

One of my previously unpublished poems, Fond Thoughts of Noblesville, was selected and published in the inaugural edition of the literary magazine, The Polk Street Review. And one of my short stories, Summer of 2017, The Five-Year Drought Continues, was published in the second edition of The Polk Street Review.

Two extremely personal poems, Harvest Day and Finding My Way, were published in An Evening with the Writing Muse. I was also featured as the Author of the Month in an issue of Pen It! Magazine.

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