Indiana Authors at the Greenwood Park Mall

author pic

Over 25 Indiana authors will be appearing at the Greenwood Park Mall this Christmas and Holiday Season! We are located in the kiosk space in front of Victoria’s Secret.

This year’s authors will present a wide range of genres. With such a variety, there is guaranteed to be something for everyone!

Click here for the appearance schedule.

Click on an author’s name to be taken to that author’s website and to learn more!

M. Katherine Clark Mystery and Thrillers, Suspense, Romance
Michael DeCamp YA Thriller, Fantasy, Supernatural
Lisa Anne Duda Inspirational, Spirituality, Religious
Asa Dunnington Non-Fiction Prohibition History
James B. Dworkin/Mike Jenneman Children’s books
Anna Hague Romance
Robert Ross Hedges Family/Children’s books
L.E. Hewitt Non-Fiction Humor and Nostaglia
Kimberly Hoffman Children’s books
Paul J. Hoffman Non-Fiction
Madalyn S. Kinsey YA Fiction, Historic Fiction, Humor, Mystery
George Kramer YA Fantasy, Medical Thriller/Horror
Cynthia Lacey Paranormal Romance
Malinas Adventures Children’s books
Linda E. Minton WWII History – Non-Fiction, Children’s books
Mossy Feet Books Indiana History, American History, Gardening
Benjamin Oneal Crime Thriller, SciFi
T. J. Pulley Christian, Spiritual
N. E. Riggs Fantasy, Science Fiction
Phil Stephens Historical Fiction
Audrey Stevens YA, Speculative Fiction, Dystopian Future
Nick Valenzuela Literary Fiction, Autobiography/Memoir
Laura VanArendonk Baugh Fantasy, Non-Fiction, Other