More Twists and Turns in My Journey

Several faithful readers reached out because they hadn’t heard from me in a while. I thanked them for their concern. And I realized I needed to explain my lack of postings and physical absence from book signing events.

The good news is that I will be signing and selling books at this year’s Christmas Gift & Hobby Show. Although, I am only doing three and a half days instead of the full five. Check out my Calendar of Events Page for my schedule.

Before appearing at this year’s Indiana State Fair, I had been out of the public eye for nine months. That’s right. No signings or appearances since last year’s Christmas Gift & Hobby Show, in November. Many of you noticed I wasn’t my usual perky self and made comments about it then. Apparently, my efforts to conceal how I felt failed.

I was battling some medical issues. The combination of which rendered me beyond exhausted. I needed time to rest and recoup. However, God had different plans.

Doesn’t He always? Why do I even bother making plans?

An old compression fracture in my neck caused numbness down both arms into my ring and pinky fingers. Two chiropractors and a therapeutic massage therapist were unable to restore feeling. An acupuncturist was suggested.

I will try just about anything once. The acupuncturist stuck four packages of needles in me while I observed four sleeping women in the room. They looked relaxed, comfortable, and peaceful despite the needles protruding from their bodies. I eagerly awaited that experience for myself.

Alas, it was not meant to be. I lasted ten minutes and insisted she remove the needles. Instead of that peaceful, easy feeling The Eagles sing about, I became increasingly uncomfortable and agitated. I felt as if I were coming out of my skin.

“But your treatment isn’t over yet. You have twenty more minutes.”

Lady, if you don’t get these things out of me now, I’m going to come unglued, jump out of this chair, and run around the room, screaming bloody murder.

And that’s putting it mildly. I was one of the rare people who experience negative side effects from acupuncture.

Oh, lucky, lucky me! Not.

It made everything infinitely worse. From head to toe, unrelenting waves of stabbing, throbbing, and searing pain tormented me. I lost strength in my hands and couldn’t use them effectively for weeks. I balanced a spoon between my two thumbs and rested it against my index fingers to eat.

But you got exactly what you wished for, Suzanne. You can feel your fingers. They might throb or feel as if they’re on fire, and you can’t move them, but, by God, you’re feeling them.

Although I pay a fortune for Marketplace medical insurance, aka Obamacare, it doesn’t cover squat. The medical bills were more than anticipated.

Desperate times called for desperate measures and difficult choices. My options were limited. So, my house went up for sale.

Fast forward to the present. I am living in a third floor apartment, no elevators, just stairs. It was my understanding that the direction of Hell was down. Trust me, in this instance, Hell is up on the third floor in my apartment.

The people below me smoke everything under the sun. It varies from regular cigarette smoke to sickening sweet smoke to unidentifiable funky smoke. And it all combines into a robust smoky soup in my apartment.

I am allergic to smoke. I told the property manager before I rented, I had to have a pet-free, smoke-free apartment. Well, it’s pet-free. After I complained profusely about the smoke, he said that no one had ever smoked in my apartment. Technically, he gave me a pet-free, smoke-free apartment. His smug attitude infuriated me.

I know you want to hit him, but don’t hit him. You will go to jail. And as bad as the conditions are in this lousy apartment, jail would be much, much worse.

Despite laws against smoking in public places, residents are allowed to smoke in their apartments. It’s just too freaking bad for the rest of us. Nights and weekends, it’s like living above a packed bar in the 1970s.

I have two large air purifiers going 24/7. However, they can not keep up when the neighbors actively smoke. So, I am forced to wear a mask. It’s not perfect, but it’s better than nothing.

The only bright spot is that I have a short-term lease. I just have to survive six months of this inhospitable environment. In the meantime, God needs to grant me the serenity so that I don’t kill anyone while I am being poisoned and dying from smoke inhalation.

Any prayers and positive thoughts you can send my way are greatly appreciated. And I hope to see you soon!

The Twelve Days of Christmas, With My Online Dating Twist

     Merry Christmas greetings to one and all! As part of my “Mis-Matched to Miss Matched” dating series, I have penned yet another version of, The Twelve Days of Christmas, with my online dating twist. It’s destined to be a classic for sure!


My Twelve Days of Christmas

On the first day of Christmas, online dating gave to me,
No man worth my membership fee.

On the second day of Christmas, online dating gave to me,
Two e-mails from women,
And no man worth my membership fee.

On the third day of Christmas, online dating gave to me,
Three convicted felons,
Two e-mails from women,
And no man worth my membership fee. Continue reading

Asking for Support on Small Business Saturday


     It’s Small Business Saturday! So I am asking you to support my business by purchasing my books. They make great gifts since they can be dedicated and personalized!
     By purchasing my romantic suspense novels or my poetry book via my website, not only are you helping out a starving author, but you’ll be contributing to help someone in need. This month, I am donating a portion of my book sales’ proceeds to the Save a Warrior program. This unique program helps people struggling with Post-Traumatic Stress. Continue reading

Author, Poet and Humorist, Suzanne Purewal


     I will be appearing at the 67th Annual Christmas Gift & Hobby Show, at the Indiana State Fairgrounds, West Pavilion, booth #303. I will be signing books every day of the show, running from Wednesday, November 9th through Sunday, November 13th.
     To honor our active duty military members, Veterans and first responders, I am also donating a portion of this month’s book sales’ proceeds to the Save A Warrior Program.

     What can I say about myself that you don’t already know? You know I’m a cancer survivor. I got downsized from my job several years ago. And the trilogy of doom was rounded out with that unexpected divorce.
     But I am still standing, despite the efforts of all of those evil doers! Obviously, I was meant to follow a different path.
     What path that is, I have no clue. There were a few times when I thought I knew. But time after time, I hit a major construction zone and was sent on yet another freaking detour because the bridge was out.
     I hated construction orange before this odyssey began. So imagine how I feel about it when I see it now!
     Portions of this journey have left me exhausted. It’s the nature of the beast. Walking uphill, both ways, in a blinding snow storm will do that to you. So will moving your parents from New York to Florida when you live in Indiana.
     I initially had grand writing plans for this year. But you all know that life happens while you’re making other plans. And that is exactly what happened to me.
     If you missed my posts on my family vacation and moving my parents, then scroll down to read them. You will laugh yourself silly.
     If you are short on time, the gist is that my parents are determined to kill me. And because I am a good daughter, well that and because of Catholic guilt, I let them keep trying.
     But you already knew that I was a glutton for punishment because I persist with online dating.
     But seriously folks, I continue on this strange and unpredictable journey because I can’t wait to see what happens next. And I am hopeful that you will stick around to experience it with me!


     Last year, I released my latest romantic suspense novel, Challenging Destiny! It is the sequel to Embracing Destiny. The exciting adventure continues with some of your favorite characters – Sara Taylor, Joe Lazaro, and everyone’s favorite Italian mother, Rose Lazaro.
     Sara Taylor’s life is finally coming together. She feels at peace. However, Joe stumbles across a clandestine operation. Any leak would put him and his loved ones in danger. Still reeling from his discovery, a secret from Joe’s past rears its ugly head. Then the unthinkable happens – the worlds collide. Will this battle bring Sara and Joe closer together? Or will they become collateral damage in the fallout?

cover_master_1 092810

     My first romantic suspense novel, Embracing Destiny, follows Sara Taylor – a woman standing at a crossroad. An unexpected event sets her on a journey. Outside forces intervene, and danger lurks in every shadow.


     My poetry book, From 14 to 41, contains soulful poems that capture the essence of life. A blend of love, loss, whimsical and inspirational pieces, readers are drawn in as the raw emotions leap from the pages.
     My blog, the one you are currently reading, Pursuing My Passion, is an outlet for my unique storytelling style, sense of humor and sarcastic wit. The most popular posts are from my “Mis-Matched to Miss Matched” dating series. The entries are all true stories based on my online dating adventures.

     In other news, I am the coordinator for the Local Authors’ booth for the Annual Christmas Gift & Hobby Show at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. So, if you are an Indiana author and would like to participate next year, please let me know. As soon as this year’s show closes, I will be accepting applications for next year’s show.

Click here to purchase my books. I can sign and dedicate them prior to shipping. Right now, you can enjoy free shipping! So, get those Christmas gift lists started!

Kindle versions of Embracing Destiny and Challenging Destiny are available on Amazon

You can leave book reviews on:
FB: Suzanne Purewal, Author Page
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Mission Impossible II: Moving My Parents To Florida


     “Your mission, Suzanne, which you have no choice but to accept, is to pack up your parents’ house and move them to Florida. This will test your physical, mental and emotional fortitude. And this will occur during the hottest week of summer to make it even more unpleasant. This message will self-destruct in five seconds. Good luck, Suzanne. You’re going to need it.”
     After living in the same house for 42 years, my parents decided to move to Florida. Correction, Mom made the decision. Dad will tell you that he was forced to go. Dad hates the heat. No, he loathes it.
     He loves Florida in the winter though. But now instead of going south for winter, they will go north for summer.
     I knew this was going to be a monumental task. And even that was an understatement. Continue reading

My Dad: Wildlife Whisperer

P1030366Bighorn Sheep

     If you missed the first vacation installment, this adventure took my parents and me into Montana and Canada—Banff National Park, Jasper National Park, Yoho National Park, Waterton Lakes National Park, Kootenay National Park and Glacier National Park. The majority of the time there was no Wi-Fi or cell phone coverage. So, we were on our own.
     My dad has taken gorgeous pictures over the years. He won several contests for his work, deservedly so. This requires going the extra mile to get the perfect shot.
     He will blaze his own trail when the official one does not give the best view of whatever he is attempting to capture.
     He will stand on the edge of a precipitous cliff with stones giving way. He will venture through brush without batting an eye. Rocky mountainsides pose little challenge. Continue reading

Mission: Impossible – a.k.a. Vacationing With Mom and Dad

P1020956 Lake Louise

     “Your mission, Suzanne, should you choose to accept it, is to accompany your parents on a vacation into the wilderness. You will be responsible for their well-being and returning them home safely. At times, they will ignore you and will perform acts to thwart your efforts. However, you must persevere. There will be no Wi-Fi or cell phone coverage. So, you are on your own. This message will self-destruct in five seconds. Good luck, Suzanne.”

P1020968 Lake Louise

     I hear you saying, “Come on, Suzanne. How bad could it be? It’s a vacation!”
     Clearly, you have no prior knowledge of our family vacations. Unless we were in peril and almost died at least once, it was not a good vacation.
     Seriously. Continue reading